Thursday, October 28, 2010

RE: Monetizing the Messiah

See, children, to make money off something sacred because it's free is a shanda. A very big one. If these people don't believe in hell, there's fire below for them right now. If you've ever been a waiter, or a wedding photographer, you know what I mean. Everything for the princess with the golden you-know-what who wrinkles up her nose and won't touch "it"--eww, that's icky! Well, you guys are itching for such an Old Testament righteous beatdown. Keep it up. Keep us all beggars because that is the ONLY way you can feel elevated.

In other words, these people have nothing of value to offer so they have to strip everyone else of everything, especially their dignity and pride. It gives them some sort of sadistic joy. I never understood that. Maybe because I had to remember some very very bad things done to me in order to be the warrior I need to be for the mission. It's not that they're cheap; they LIKE to make you beg.

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