Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Elephant in the Room is Racism

I watched Anderson Cooper’s interview with a juror from the George Zimmerman case.  She constantly referred to the defendant as “George” as though he was a friend of hers.  It was obvious to her that “George” was merely defending himself.  By stalking an unarmed teenager, then shooting him.

Americans have to face the truth—in the criminal justice system (and other situations), white lives are more valuable than black lives.  If Trayvon Martin had pulled a gun on George Zimmerman, who thinks he would be able to use the “Stand Your Ground” defense?  Unless we have a major discussion on race, black children will always be in jeopardy.  They are guilty until they prove their innocence.

To hear the professionals share on MSNBC their stories of sitting down with their sons and explain the facts of life (behave with the police, don’t resist) especially if they are innocent of any charge made me so sad.  White people are not aware they have invisible white privilege.

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