Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let Us Mourn for Representative Gabrielle Giffords & 6 Others Killed

This is a short post without editing. I mourn deeply for the violence and hatred in this country that has led to these assassinations. People cannot deny accountability for stirring up hatred for political gain, holding rallies where there are cries of "Lynch 'em" and worse.

If we choose to kill instead of engage in reasoned debate, then who are we as a society?

An example of how our culture devalues human life: the story on the front page of a paid subscription content provider from a media source they circulate put together 2 + 2 and got snake eyes.

I don't know who the writer was, but it's not at all funny to worry about death threats or to think your life is in danger, then find out too late you were right all the time. It doesn't feel good to be right about that.

God help us all.

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