Friday, December 17, 2010

Musing on Blogging and the Randomness of Life

Sometimes, when you try to make a difference, you ruffle a few feathers. I want to do the right thing (stole that from Spike Lee) and write about business, a subject vital to our country. This is a field I studied and know.

You don't have to look it up: I didn't graduate from Wharton or Tuck. I did get into NYU's MBA program back in the early 80s and was there for 2 weeks and I worked at Goldman in their bond department as a temp sales assistant around the same time. Very exciting. No, I did it the Lincolnesque way; I studied book after book, from Galbraith's "The Affluent Society" to many others, but what really influenced me to the point of taking copious notes was Charles Morris' "The Trillion Dollar Meltdown" which came out in 2008.

It’s funny; I’ve been writing Cassandra since 2007 and nary a peep. Even Cassandra can’t predict the future.

Thanks for listening. Back to our regular programming.

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