Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mo Dowd is Blowing Toxic Smoke in DC Bubble

Sultry, Pulitzer Prize-winning Clinton basher Maureen Dowd spreads more manure for the Obama Administration, ladling it all over Obama's base. She reiterates Press Secretary Robert Gibbs' contention that there are 3 types of "liberals": professionals, good liberals that:

[L]ike the president, felt he could live without the public option, whereas lefties thought the public option was essential. Some liberals, like the president, think you can escalate our wars to end them, whereas lefties just want the wars ended.

I guess in the mind of the Washington elite who don't sound like they get out of the Beltway, lefties are bomb-throwing anarchists that want Canadian (gasp!) health insurance, the Pentagon to evaporate, and "wouldn't be satisfied if Dennis Kucinich was president."

She must be talking about cartoon lefties with black berets and goatees. The people she and the pathetic Obama/Gibbs machine lump together are realists AND care about humans, not paying back campaign funders. We wanted Obama to listen to us, not just Fox News (e.g. ACORN, Van Jones, Shirley Sherrod). Not to make secret deals with Big Pharma, or dismiss out of hand Medicare-for-all.

Or continue the policy of free money to Big Banks, which turn around and feed the carry trade instead of lending to small businesses. Or allow foreclosures to multiply by not fighting for bankruptcy judges for homeowners. Or to pretend to support a public option or Elizabeth Warren, the architect of the part of the financial bill that protects consumers as opposed to whom he will actually pick, a lobbyist for the financial industry. Ask yourself, Mo, if you'd want an executive from Dow Chemicals to regulate the Clean Water Act.

We wanted a stimulus that wasn't 1/3 tax cuts for the rich. We wanted trickle-up, not trickle-down.

He doesn't restore habeas corpus, which isn't a radical concept. As a constitutional lawyer, he should know that habeas corpus is the foundation of human liberty against arbitrary state power. It's in the Magna Carta, 1215 A.D. He continues and expands the surveillance state.

In her petty snit she even calls out (what is it, liberals, lefties, progressives or professional liberals?) for defending Clinton despite his disgustingness. Well, if he was so bad, why did Obama latch onto his Wall Street dons, Larry Summers and Tim Geithner? I don't remember Clinton acting as though 10% official unemployment was the "new normal" (most economists, conservative or on the left bank, agree that unemployment is actually much higher than that because the figures are calculated with a political slant).

I don't know what kind of health insurance Dowd has, but mine (and damn I'm lucky) has co-pays averaging $130 a month for necessary prescription drugs, and I don't even take very many.

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