Thursday, February 25, 2010

UPDATE on Layoffs Kill: Great Comment/Solution

UPDATE: Great comment from AnnSMI February 25th, 20102:52 am posted on the NYT story featured in the previous post, "At Closing Plant, Ordeal Included Heart Attacks":

Now we know.

We know that corporate greed for more and more profits and higher and higher stock values which have led to the shipping of American jobs abroad kills.

We know that treating workers as a disposable commodity kills.

We know that the pyshing the middle class to the wall with job losses and pay cuts kills.

We know that leaving former middle class workers with a bleak future of low wage jobs at McDonalds and as Walmaart greeters kills.

We know that globalization - the darling of pie-in-the-sky economists from Krugman to the Univ of Chicago- while great for third world countries and the upper 1%, isn't working for the US middle class who see their jobs and their futures disappearing and are faced with poverty after a lifetime of work, and it kills them.

Between greed of the health insurance companies who would rather see the population die before they pay for treatments and the greed of Wall St for higher and higher profits and stock values, the US middle and working classes are being stressed - quite literally - to death.

BTW, here is a very short answer for the pretenitious and officious Prof William T. Gallo with his psycho-babble of "“We want to find out how we can intervene so we can lessen the effects of job loss, or eliminate them.”
The answer is quite simply: MONEY.

Pay these abandoned workers enough MONEY so they will not be in poverty for the rest of their lives due to the loss of their jobs in middle age and late middle age when they are too old or have too many family responsiblities to go get PhDs in some esoteric field for which they will never be hired because then they will be near 50 or 60 years old.

Pay these displaced workers enough money so they can afford to keep and use health insurance.

Forget all your psycho-nonsense of counseling, support, and magic happy pills. The answer is MONEY because such workers see poverty and healthcare bills staring them in the face.

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