Friday, October 17, 2008

Where is Roger? Stone, that is...

Andrew Cuomo, our current New York attorney general, is hot on the trail of dastardly financial institutions and their evil spawn. He got major companies to cough up the value of auction rate securities when the market froze because the companies sold them as the equivalent of cash but refused to make good. He had his attack dog Eric Dinallo, the insurance commissioner, reclassify credit default swaps as insurance, so they have to be regulated and carry cash reserves to cover claims against them. He pursued the executives at AIG who are still pocketing lots of cash even though now it's the taxpayers' cash courtesy of Hanky Panky.

He's Tony the Tiger chomping on the asses of these overpaid criminals. So my question is, where is Roger Stone to wiretap and stalk him? That's how the Republicans (and probably a few Democrats, like Shelly Silver) got rid of Eliot Spitzer, our last New York pit bull. It's the same way Richard Johnson gets the tip that Michelle Obama ordered lobster thermador and caviar at the Waldorf last night when the Al Smith dinner was held. The Emperor Club? VIP Lounge?

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