Monday, April 28, 2008

Keith & Richard (cont'd)

Someone in the audience asked how we could survive the Bataan Death March (also known as the Democratic primary battle). Richard, who, after all, is a comedian, said he was ill-equipped to answer that question. But he directed the audience to Bruce Springsteen's website and said quietly (for Richard) that if you support Obama and don't speak out, there is a special place in hell reserved for you.

After the talk, Jeff and I were milling about with members of the audience who were patiently waiting in queues at the signing table. As we were walking out of the Y, I suddenly grabbed him by the arm and took him back to that area. There were innovative graphic novel-like strips on the wall obviously done by young people, some in the manner of Japanese anime. Very imaginative. I vaguely remember that the plot of one concerned a female student/spy scheming with ominous characters about high school milk money. Lots of slanted lines, shadow and light.

We never got close to the wall. Keith Olbermann in the flesh was walking towards us. He was very tall. And big. (Speaking as someone who knows one, he has a big head too.) I was very excited and pushed Jeffrey up to him. Keith was surrounded by a tight group of affluent, older, well-dressed women. Jeff was very happy. He approached Keith like a close talker and said, "You've been one of my true heroes. Thanks for all you've done." He answered in a clear, deep, broadcaster's voice, "Thanks very much. Jeff: "I'm a sports fan." And: "I wish Channel 2, 4 and 7 could report news like you do." He leaned forward and loudly whispered, "Don't hold your breath."

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